We have a unique approach in the market—focusing on modern network infrastructure installation but also the purposeful use of that infrastructure, optimized for better outcomes for residents, property owners, and managers. While our smart-building solutions are targeted on affordable housing, we also address senior care, workforce and market rate housing with digital tools enhance property operations as well as the livelihoods of people who live there.

Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives. Read about us and our history.

  1. Embed Modern Infrastructure
    Ensure needed level of connectivity to support present and future applications

  2. Own The Network
    Create property-owned network infrastructure to ensure flexibility and power to choose technology and applications based on tenant, manager, or owner needs

  3. Empower Resident Services
    Bring intentional focus on the usage of broadband infrastructure for life-sustaining and life-enhancing activities

Centri Tech’s solution has cross-cutting benefits to asset holders, asset managers, property managers and residents. Solutions are designed in three parts: network infrastructure, internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructure, and end-user applications.

Network infrastructure is high-speed broadband connectivity on a property through fiber or high-quality copper lines. This serves as the connection point for all sensors and end-user applications. We focus on connectivity exceeding the 25mbps standard set by FCC, as that standard is seldom adequate for a family of three engaging in online activities at home.

We bring smart technology to housing nationwide. Centri focuses on outcomes—top-notch networks, increased energy efficiency, lower resident turnover, better resident services, and a platform for the future of technology innovation in the home.

Home-Based Technology

Our Approach

National Fulfillment Network

Centri Tech executes smart solution projects nationwide and is developing a network of partners working on systems integration fulfillment.

Solution Design

IoT Infrastructure is a layer of sensors and devices embedded into the property. This can include IoT for security, safety, maintenance, efficiency, and health applications.

End-User Applications are the digital tools—both software and services—designed for each stakeholder: resident, property manager and asset manager. These applications integrate IoT infrastructure data with other life-enhancing information, property management facilitation, and third-party products/services to provide value to each stakeholder.

These three work in concert and are customized at each level depending on the needs of the project.