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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

“Digital advancement” envisions the comprehensive use of technology to overcome socio-economic disparities. We envision a world where technology can reach every home and every community to transform lives.

Centri Tech is part of an umbrella, called Centri Impact, LLC, which consists of Centri Capital, Centri Tech, and its affiliated non-profit, the Centri Tech Foundation. Together we work across the ecosystem of housing and community development, from investment in the built environment to the delivery of digital products and services that benefit the lives of residents. We believe that when we lead with an intentionality that puts people first, we can achieve lasting outcomes for low-income individuals and under-resourced communities.


We embrace 3 beliefs... 

Technology is the key tool for human advancement in the 21st Century. Through technology, we can customize, automate, scale, and continue to innovate to provide solutions that meet people where they are and improve lives.


Culture is central to any effort to achieve the promise of technology. By recognizing and authentically integrating individual and community culture we can drive adoption and use of life-enhancing and life-sustaining technology tools.


Home is the center-point in a person’s life. It defines our quality of life and our personal culture. Today’s world  has shown us just how important the convenience of home can be, as the place where we live, work, learn and play.  Opportunity begins at home.

Centri Tech mobilizes the full potential of technology to lift the human condition – an approach we call “digital advancement.”

These elements are embedded across our five practice areas:


  • Policy & Practice Frameworks for the Future  

  • Workforce and Wealth Creation for Digital Economies

  • Smart Infrastructure for Affordable Housing

  • Technology Impact Investments and Labs

  • Public Purpose Media Content Ecosystem

Through policy, we seek to build the enabling conditions for digital advancement. We engage leaders and support them to embrace a new mindset for the potential of technology to meet the needs of communities and to unlock human potential at scale.   


We build networks, collaborations and solutions in each of these practice areas, and integrate them into a shared platform focused on achieving measurable outcomes.


Digital advancement is going to take all of us. We are intentional about breaking silos and inviting the power of people across sectors to contribute to our collective good.


We partner with leading community development and finance entities to help them drive greater impact through technology. And we seek out the emerging original thinkers and futurists, the cultural influencers and strategists, and the impact-focused entrepreneurs and corporations to design new meaningful experiences that promote adoption and connect people to a promising future. Finally, we welcome the housing industry to the table, because...

home is a powerful place for change.

Our Approach

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