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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Broadband Internet Solutions for Affordable Housing

Value to Your Residents

These days, home-based access to the Internet is more important than ever, with 59% of adults working remotely and 83% of students doing some remote learning. With reliable, high-quality, and AFFORDABLE broadband, all of your residents have the opportunity to:

learn & work

earn and save (on avg $2k/year per household)

grow tech skills

access online social services

age in place

We do things differently. Our mission is born out of impact to society, not cables and data.  

Value to Your Bottom Line


Managed broadband wi-fi networks bring income-generating potential. Technology bundled for your residents can provide recurring monthly revenues. But there are other direct and indirect benefits to your bottom line, as well:

Once technology is in place for all of your residents, you can also improve and streamline your property management:

  • Resident communication portal

  • Efficient and flexible rent payment options

  • Efficient maintenance requests

  • PropTech monitoring (energy usage, leak sensors, security monitoring, etc)

With the range of technical capabilities that we provide, it's possible to provide enormous value in a relatively short time.

Our Solutions


We’ll work with you to design and build the perfect solution for your residents and your budget, whether you just want the basics, like broadband in every unit, or if you want to offer TV/streaming services, resident IoT bundles, or prop tech features. No matter what technology we install, YOU OWN THE NETWORK. We provide:

Let us create a solution that works for you and changes the lives of your residents.

The Process is Easier Than You Think!


We understand that the Internet is not your business. But it is ours. We were pioneers in bringing internet access to affordable housing, and we know how to make this easy for you.

It starts with a call.

Let’s talk through your needs. We’ll ask some simple questions about your new development plans or existing property. We’ll give you some immediate ideas about how we could proceed.

We’ll take a look at your property or your plans.

If possible, we’ll visit your property and take a look around. We’ll see what infrastructure is already in place, what might need to be upgraded or installed. If your project is a new development, we can talk to your GC and look over the building plans.

We’ll design a technical solution that fits your needs and your budget.

We’ll map out everything to make the plan a reality. The detailed technical specs, the budget, and the expected timeline. We’ll provide documentation fit for both your GC and your asset manager.

We’ll get everything installed and activated.

Our crews will come out and do the work—quickly, professionally, and perfectly. We also love help! Centri Tech knows that tech installations are great opportunities for on-the-job training for your interested residents. This is one of many learning and earning opportunities of our Digital Integrators program.

We’ll manage the network, handle all the ongoing billing and maintenance.

After the on-site work is done, we’ll stay in the picture to make sure the network stays up and running, and your residents are happy! If your plan calls for it, we’ll manage any billing for services of your residents.

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