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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Read Rey Ramsey's OpEd in the Washington Informer, "Our Digital Imperative"

Centri Tech's Chairman and CEO, Rey Ramsey, penned an OpEd appearing in the Washington Informer on June 9, 2021 which lays out our nation's "Digital Imperative"... "If we make the right choice to move beyond the status quo and its resulting disparities, we should seize this moment to go beyond the narrowcasting of the digital divide. In fact, we should abandon the term “digital divide” because it implies that the problem is simply one of access to tools. It’s not. Even if the public, private, and social sectors were to provide every American with access to connectivity and devices, we would still have an intolerable opportunity divide. It is only through our intentional application of technology that we will address poverty and improve the lives of many. The digital imperative is to move beyond the static vision of a divide to build a movement focused on digital advancement."


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