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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Centri Life launches beta version of AI-enhanced resume tool

Centri has rolled out a new tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help affordable housing residents more effectively present their professional skills and experience. The beta version of the tool allows residents to modify an existing resume or start a new one from scratch, using step-by-step prompts. Residents can also integrate a description of the job they want, which allows the AI tool to further customize the drafted resume and highlight related content.

The new tool also drafts a customized cover letter based on the specific job description. After the resume and cover letter content are drafted, users can select a resume design and then save and download the drafted documents for final editing. 

“It is a priority for Centri Life to develop and curate tools that explore the power of AI, in an effort to offer a more robust, customized experience for residents,” says David Saunier, Centri Tech’s SVP of Digital. “This is our first foray into this realm, but Centri fully intends to expand our AI-powered offerings in the near future.”

Centri Life is a web-based platform for affordable housing properties that is customized with hyperlocal resources for residents. The curated content helps residents build wealth and manage their finances; improve health outcomes; effectively engage in the workforce; and navigate aging in place. Centri Life features useful websites and mobile apps, along with helpful videos. All of these serve to demystify often-complicated topics, such as acquiring health insurance and filing taxes. The platform also features more than 20 key actions that will have lasting impacts for residents, including opening a bank account, gaining new digital skills, and finding a doctor or therapist. Residents can choose to take action in multiple ways, such as through a helpful website; on a mobile app; or via local, in-person resources.

For more information about Centri Life, please visit, or contact David Saunier.


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