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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Centri's Logo is a Mix of Past and Future

What's in a logo? In the case of Centri Tech's brand mark, a lot of symbolism.

Companies can approach their logo design in a number of ways. Some create a catchy image that relates to the company name (a la Apple, Target, or Shell Gasoline). Most companies opt for creating a brand mark that literally illustrates the company name or sometimes its initials (FedEx, IBM, Coca-Cola, Google). The best brands are able to create something that is memorable and that feels timeless.

Centri Tech wanted to tell a story with their logo. A story that was not necessarily an obvious one, but one that supported their world view. And that world view included notions like, "technology is not an end unto itself, rather, its power rests in what you decide to do with it," and, "to maximize our impact, we must be a movement, not a solo journey." Centri is laser-focused on its own optimistic view of the future, while at the same time recognizing that there are important lessons to glean from successful social movements of the past.

So how do you depict that world view, while creating an image that is memorable, scalable, timeless, and striking?

You start by being bold.

Centri Tech believes that technology can be a great enabler of people and their power. Particularly for people that do not normally wield it. The power of opportunity. The power to share in our digital society and economy.

You Embrace Creativity

Tackling thorny, age-old problems means coming up with provocative new ways to solve them. Centri imagines what can be when we create a platform for new ideas and new connections. And we think about tech, not for its own sake, but for the potential that it brings.

You Keep it Real

What does it mean to be real? It means you don't just dream things up in a vacuum. It means that your approach is driven by authenticity, by a desire to serve real needs of real people. And that you embrace and internalize cultural realities and trends as a means to influence strategy.

You Take Things Personal

When you choose to support the dignity of individuals, you increase their potential to do great things, on their own terms. Centri's strategic focus on the home stems from the recognition that nowhere is more personal, more private and convenient than where we live.

You Don't Go it Alone

Achieving meaningful, lasting impact does not happen from the minds of one company alone. Centri is intentional about building a platform, a movement, that seeks contributions and creativity from all sectors of society. A movement that is inclusive of the people and ideas living in the communities we serve.

So what does that all add up to?

Centri Tech's co-founder and brand designer, David Saunier, explains, "We tried hard to create a brand that evoked technology, but also embraced our collective personal humanity. We knew we wanted to look bold and emphasize the movement we are trying hard as a company to facilitate."

All caps. Sans-serif. Heavy weight. Centri Tech is bold and confers power.

In the world of personal technology, nothing says "what's next?" more than the cursor. It represents our next word, our next chapter, our imagination and creativity. Placing the cursor after the word "TECH" says that for Centri, tech is not an end unto itself.

The font feels personal with its slightly irregular proportions. Centri chose this font, not solely for its humanistic look, but because it also evokes something bigger than a simple font choice. This font, called Martin, was designed by Tré Seals, founder of Vocal Type Co. The Martin font is modeled after the placards used in Martin Luther King's march in Memphis, which famously read, "I AM A MAN." It is hand-crafted, authentic, and steeped in that historical movement.


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