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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Centri Tech Launches New Tool to Help Housing Developers Bring Broadband Networks to Their Residents

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Centri Tech, a social venture working to promote a concept called "Digital Advancement" to mobilize and maximize the full potential of technology for all Americans, has developed a new tool to help affordable housing developers provide high-quality and affordable broadband to their residents.

The new tool, called Centri Connect (, helps housing owners, developers, and property managers explore their options for installing networks throughout their properties to bring broadband internet connectivity to common areas as well as individual units. Centri Connect also explores other ad-on technologies and services that a building-wide network can facilitate, such as TV streaming services, sensors that monitor safety and energy efficiency; as well as other IoT applications, such as smart door locks, access control, thermostats, and more.

In the nearly two years Americans have been living with the COVID pandemic, broadband connectivity has been spotlighted as a necessity more than ever before - but ubiquitous internet access remains difficult to achieve. Centri Tech recognizes that universal connectivity is a crucial pillar to the ethos of Digital Advancement and that achieving this lofty goal requires the efforts of many sectors of society. While Congress has rightfully prioritized broadband infrastructure in the recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and upcoming Build Back Better bill, government funding will not fill the gap alone. By making broadband solutions easily available to the real estate sector, Centri Tech seeks to make the scale and quality of the private and non-profit sectors' housing efforts much greater.

Centri Connect helps those seeking to bring broadband connectivity to their residents no matter their existing level of understanding. A short, illustrated video animation walks through the basic principles and standard set-ups for building-wide networks. A simple wizard tool produces customized strategic advice based on the specific goals and desires of the housing developer's project.

Alan Greenlee, Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH), sees firsthand that the need is great. "Like many areas in the country, Southern California is going through both an affordable housing shortage and a connectivity shortage, making it doubly difficult for low-income families and individuals to have the stability they need in housing, education, and employment. Centri Tech plays an important role in making sure that the housing we build for low-income Americans is more than just shelter. They understand that technology-enabled housing is adaptable and responsive to the needs of the people that live there, be they school-aged children, working adults, or older Americans looking to age in place."

"Centri Connect is one of several tools we will be introducing for the sole purpose of facilitating broadband infrastructure that leads to meaningful people-centric outcomes. It is simply not possible to achieve these goals without the active participation of the affordable housing industry and this tool supports that engagement," added Centri Tech's Founder and CEO, Rey Ramsey.

Centri Tech's Digital Advancement approach intersects real estate, housing, technology, culture, and innovation to overcome socio-economic disparities and calls for (1) a widespread technology policy and practice agenda focused on both public and private sectors, (2) a network of like-minded entities from the public sector, technology and corporate industries, philanthropy, as well as the community development and housing sector, and (3) digital innovation practices to leverage new technologies with social purpose. Centri Tech integrates these three strategies into a platform to drive impact for society and the people in it, with a focus on improved health, wealth, and environment.

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