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Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives.

Centri Tech completes build-out of broadband network at West End Residences in New York City

Centri Tech has just activated a new broadband network, bringing high-speed 100MB broadband to all 56 units of a new transitional housing development, West End Residences, located in New York City. Centri’s network solution includes individual routers and connections in each unit, providing private, secure browsing for all residents.

West End Residences is a rehab project of Homeward NYC, a nonprofit developer, which provides transitional housing for unhoused young mothers and their children.

The building-wide connectivity at the property is being offered by Homeward NYC to residents free of charge.

Update: Almost immediately after launch, 100% of residential units had active internet connections.

For more info about Centri Tech’s  turnkey broadband connectivity offerings, please contact Matthew Snider.


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