Centri Tech is a social venture using the power of technology to advance people’s lives. Read about us and our history.

Centri Tech CEO, Rey Ramsey Speaks with Multichannel News

"Our society is technology-driven and powered by innovation. We can harness these assets for social purpose and reimagine the role of tec...

Founding Members of One Economy Announce Formation of Centri Tech to Maximize Tech for Public Good

Founding members of One Economy Corporation today announced the formation of Centri Tech, a public benefit platform company that re-imagines

Centri's Logo is a Mix of Past and Future

What's in a logo? In the case of Centri Tech's brand mark, a lot of symbolism. Companies can approach their logo design in a number of wa...

Centri Tech is Pleased to Announce that Marta Urquilla Joins the Company

(Washington, DC) -- Centri Tech, a social enterprise dedicated to mobilizing the full potential of technology to improve lives, welcomes ...

What we use technology for is as important as having access to it.

You'll always be the smartest thing in your home, but your home can get a lot smarter.

The same people who are affected by problems in society can be employed to work on the solutions.