Broadband is too expensive. Customers usually have few options when purchasing home internet service. The best pricing often only comes bundled with TV and home phone service, driving monthly costs to well over $100. More affordable offerings, and special programs targeted to low-income households involve hoops and restrictions to navigate and usually offer slower than needed connections. We install building-wide, building-owned broadband networks. What that means is that you, as the owner, can set the price of high-speed, high-quality broadband for your residents at a rate that is way more affordable than what is available on the open market. It also means you can offer it for free in common areas.

Adding a modest margin on the cost of the broadband will ensure that operating expenses are covered. Offering additional optional services, like streaming TV or IoT bundles to your residents can also improve your bottom line. Other opportunities, such as leasing out your connection and a little rooftop space to a wireless company, can be easy and lucrative as well, as long as you have the network in place. Let's build a plan together.

Dynamic Broadband Pricing and Revenue Sharing Opportunities